No matter how old we are, we all need friends who we can share funny stories with, spend time with, and overcome hard times with. Throughout life, we’re going to meet many different people. If we’re lucky, the friends we meet in high school are going to stay in our life. When we grow up, we can talk about all the embarrassing things we did in highschool and how we were stressing about that 2% mark drop on Teach Assist. So, what qualities does a good friend have? Not everyone’s values are the same, but if we have friends right now who have these qualities, we have keepers.


This seems like a no-brainer, but who doesn’t love a friend who is nothing but kind to us? I don’t think we should feel self-conscious around our friends or be afraid that they are going to judge what we do or say. Limiting ourselves on how we can behave or how we communicate is torturous and no one should have to feel this way around their friends. Not to mention, high school can get tough. It’s during those frustrating and stressful times that we need our friends the most. Especially if we’re having trouble in a certain subject, friends will patiently explain the concept to us instead of putting us down or making us question our intellect.


Friends who make an effort to get to know us, our interests, and our thoughts are the special ones. We can feel that they genuinely care about us.



High school is a time of exploration and discovery of what we enjoy doing. We’re going to be thinking about universities and careers a lot. Friends will support our passions and encourage us to continue improving our craft. For example, if you really love music and have a Youtube Channel for singing, your friends will be exceptionally happy when you first tell them about it. They’ll support your courage and initiative to build your experience in a field that you love and they’ll be excited for all the opportunities it will bring you. If you have a really great friend, they’ll watch your videos on their own and notice the accomplishments you’ve gained from the channel instead of having to send it to them every time.


This example can apply to different aspects, and the main point is that friends will remember the important things we share with them. They will ask about the things that make our heart flutter or make us grin so big that our cheeks hurt. The best part is that we don’t have to mention it first because they will be genuinely interested and curious.



One day we’ll be confident and feel like we can conquer the year; however, there will be times when we feel like everything is going wrong. It’s nice to know that we can vent to our friends and they’ll always listen and comfort us. Keeping thoughts bottled up in our minds can make the situation worse and we just need to let it out to feel better;even a shoulder to cry on goes a long way. There will also be many moments where we are doubting our abilities and want to give up. After expressing our thoughts to our friends, they will remind us of our goals and why we wanted to achieve it in the first place. They’ll remind us of the progress we’ve made so far even though it made seem unclear to us. If reaching a certain goal is really not working out, our friends will help us think about the situation and find a solution or alternative for it. If we have dependable friends, we never have to worry about whether or not they will be there for us because they always are. True friends make time to spend time with us no matter how crazy life gets. There are friends who we can depend on to have a good laugh with, have life talks with, work out with, and study with.


I’ve learned that there are different friends for different purposes. Before I entered high school, I wanted a close group of friends like the ones in How I Met Your Mother or Friends. It seems so comforting to have a everyone in the group be close with each other and how we can catch up on our lives at a cafe every so often. However, in real life, it might not work like that and it’s okay because not everyone connects with each other the way you connect with them. Each friend has their special quality and that’s what counts.


If you were thinking about a few friends while reading this, message them and tell them that you love them! Keep them around 🙂