“I have a math assignment and English presentation tomorrow. Math is second period and English is first period, so if I practice my presentation on the way to school then I can do math in English. I mean, I could do those things now, but Game of Thrones exists.”

I think you know what’s going to happen next. I’ll mess up my presentation since I only spent about 10 minutes practicing. Then I’ll get 70% on my math assignment since I didn’t have time to check it over and did it under stress. Something new will be assigned, but that won’t get done until the last minute either, and the cycle repeats itself.

If that sounds familiar, then you, my friend, are a procrastinator. But that’s okay, because I am too. At one point, when my procrastination was really bad, I was literally finishing my work as I walked to the teacher to hand it in.

Maybe you procrastinate that much too. Maybe not. But I think that one thing we all have in common is that we want to stop procrastinating – or, at least, tone it down a bit. After all, procrastination is crazy stressful, and I think that everyone’s lives would be better without it.

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