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Month: June 2016

How You Can (help) Make More Than $6 Million

Why should you bother volunteering when you can be making money? It seems to make so much more sense to help yourself. Right?

Something that I’ve thought about is how a lot of volunteering can get really mundane and boring. There are a few particular words and events that we throw around in 5K that make us sort of shudder and wince. “Flyers”, “sign holding”, and “route marshalling” are some of them. “. How does that help anyone? How is that helping volunteers and students make a difference in the community?Project 5K volunteer helps at Toronto Yonge St. 5K run

You know what, we get it. Standing in the cold waiting for runners to cross the finish line sucks. That’s why here at 5K we try and make our own little internal events so that you can see the impact you have, but you know what, the “boring volunteer events” like runs, walks, and festivals can have a big impact. Sometimes you just have to step back and realize that small, little, mundane task you are doing can help make a big difference. A $6 million difference.

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Want to Join a Youth Council?

If you haven’t heard, this is around the time when applications to youth councils and non-profits start popping up. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of things about how good they are for university applications and the like, but what else do you know about being part of a youth council?

If you don’t know me, I’m Nick, and this year I was one of the members of the Project 5K exec team. Today, I wanted to see if I could answer questions and sort of prepare expectations as to what happens on a youth council. I hope that it can help you decide whether you want to be part of a youth council in the upcoming year!

There are 3 questions that I really want to try and answer today.

What can you learn from being on a youth council?

What is it really like on the inside of a youth council?

What’s the point in being on one?

After reading this post, if you have any more questions feel free to anonymously ask them in this form 

What can you learn?

Youth councils are a great way to get out the classroom and get your hands dirty. Really, school can only teach you so much.

One thing that everyone learns on a youth council is teamwork. A youth council is a moving group of 20+ teenagers trying to make a difference. Along the way you have to learn how to collaborate with others, resolve conflicts, and make decisions together. Everyone has to do their own part. It’s a skill that we all think we can get from working on school projects, but you know, one or two people always end up doing the work.

Youth council made care packages for homeless

Some of our care packages for the homeless!

One example? We had an event called Operation Rudolph, where we made and delivered care packages for the homeless. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough money to get all the boxes. So five of us raised money by selling candy grams at our school. So one day, we stayed late after school to make more than a hundred candy grams. One person sorted the candy, another put it in the bag, someone else wrote the tags, and then finally we cut and tied the bags up. Me? Let’s just say that I got really good at stuffing bags with tissue paper.

Something that you never truly appreciate until you’re on the inside is how much work goes into something. One of our photographers JiaJia talks about it more in one of our posts. But we go to dances and workshops all the time. You never appreciate all of the time that goes into event planning until you do it yourself. You have to get the venue, organize performers, figure out costs, get sponsors, all of these can take hours upon hours in order to organize.

Youth council = Event planning skills. Take it from me, after organizing one of our workshops, organizing parties are a pushover. Read more

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