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Month: February 2016

Take a Step Back, Help Others, be Happy

Winning medals. High marks. We’re told that if we do those things then we can get into a good university, go get a good job, make money, and then we can finally be happy.

I have pretty good marks, a few swimming medals, and a part time job. According to what universities, parents, and teachers are telling us, I should be a pretty happy high school guy right?

But it doesn’t feel any different. In the pursuit of those high marks and those prestigious achievements, it’s like I’m chasing an empty dream. An idea of happiness that keeps getting further away from me the harder I try. I realized that if the only thing I cared about were awards, marks, and money, I would never be as happy as I want to be.

“When I grow up, I want to be happy.” ~Nick C. 2011

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Confidence, Risk Taking, and… Buzzfeed?

Written by: Ansh Shah

I recently read an article on Buzzfeed. I know, I know. “Really? You’re going to talk to us about a Buzzfeed article?” or “Really? You still read Buzzfeed?” I’m going to take this a sad step farther, and say that I was scrolling through Facebook when I found this article, so if you think I’m totally outdated by now, I don’t blame you.

But there was just something about an article titled “I let my boyfriend choose what I wore for a week”. I thought that was pretty hilarious, and I was fully looking forward to seeing the funniest outfits in history and to kill about 10 minutes of my time.

I came out of it, with a completely different reaction than what I was expecting.

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We’re All In This Together

Time flies…

The recent 10-year reunion of the beloved High School Musical cast (minus Troy) was a true representation of the age-old saying. It also gave me a HUGE wake-up call to the reality that, as the countdown to graduation begins, my dog days are almost over.

Let’s start off with one of my freshest memories.

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What You need to know about Failure

Life is brutal. It’s littered with all these bad days, the ones where you want to curl up in a ball and cry under the blankets. Those are the days where you fail that crucial test, where that project or event you were planning fell apart, where you screwed up when everyone was counting on you. Nobody likes to fail. It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. You feel like banging your head on a wall or screaming out loud in frustration. Failure sucks, and it’s just what we need.

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